Happy New Year!

In this first month of the new year, we’re taking stock of the past one. Since 2019, our daily lives have been impacted dramatically by a global health crisis and its impact on our homes, working lives, and mental health. Somehow, it feels more important than ever to ensure that childhood is the time of Covid be protected.

In 2021, we made it through hurdle after hurdle. We pulled together to maintain a safe environment, and we ended the year on a high note.

We’re so excited for the year to come. We have a lot of fun, enriching learning ahead for our kids, and we’re going to make the most of every event we’re able to host. Whatever may come, we feel optimistic here at our centers. Our staff, our parents, and our children will continue to meet adversity with grace and open minds. There will be sunshine and clean air, and we’re looking forward to the days ahead.

Happy New Year!!! Here’s to good luck, good health, continued growth, and lots and lots of playtime in 2022!

Thank you for being a part of our family, and thank you for allowing us to take care of yours. Stay optimistic, stay encouraged, and above all, stay HAPPY! Better days are ahead!!!

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