Baby Builders (Bebes constructores)

Baby Builders (Bebes constructores)

Baby Builders, written by Elissa Haden Guest (traducido por Yanitzia Canetti) and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata, is one of two stories in this month’s series from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. In it, babies spend a day joyfully using tools, building materials, and construction vehicles to create a building together.

As ever, for the first time reading, curl up with your child and read the book together. Enjoy.

For the next readings, here are some ideas for activities to do with your child. Don’t try to do everything each time you read it. But every time: have fun and enjoy sharing the story with your child.

Starting Up

  • Talk about the cover as you look at it together: “Look at the babies!” “They sure are busy little builders.” “What are they wearing? Hard hats, goggles, and safety vests!”
  • Read the title and wonder aloud what the babies will build in this book.

Reading the Story

  • Ask your child to point to the things on each page that look like fun, and point out what you like, too, such as how the babies paint, drive excavators, or explore their new building.
  • Have your child look for the little mole you see throughout the book. Talk about what it is doing or how it is helping.
  • At the end when the babies go to sleep, put your head down and make a snoring sound, pretending to sleep, then “wake up” and pop your head up.

After the Story

  • Ask your child questions about the story. What were the babies doing? What did they make? Did they all help build?
  • Ask your child questions about him or her relating to the story. What would YOU like to build? Should we build something together?

Learning on the Go

  • Visit a construction site. Look for things from the book, like cranes, tools, and safety cones.
  • Build something at home. Gather blocks, cans, or boxes to stack and pretend to hammer things together. Bonus points for reusing or recycling some interesting materials!

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