Book Review: Hair Love

Hair Love, written by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison (Little Leaders) was inspired by Cherry’s Oscar-winning short of the same name. Cherry was driven by a a lack of appreciation by Hollywood for the versatility and texture of both African American stories and, more specifically, hair. 😊

In the story, Zuri is a young girl who introduces readers to her fabulous hair, which “kinks, coils, and curls every which way.” On this particular day, Zuri knows she needs a “perfect” hairdo, but recognizes that–with Mommy out of the house and Daddy tired from a long morning–the work would be up to her.

When she’s met with challenges, however, her father comes to her side, and between the two of them they try a series of different looks. The connection between father and daughter is a beautiful element to the story, as readers see the dedication Zuri’s father has to his little girl.

In all, the video short (available online) and the book are both a beautiful addition to your library. The theme of unconditional love – within your family and for yourself – is tangible throughout.

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